Color or neutral decor—which do you prefer?

Every year Pantone, "the world-renowned authority on color," declares a color of the year. You may have already seen this year's color, Honeysuckle, on TV, blogs and in home and fashion items.

Pink was a big color at this year's Golden Globes and since fashion often leads home decor, you can now find a pink food processor for your kitchen!

{Pantone's "it" color of 2011, Honeysuckle}

{Using honeysuckle in the home, taken from Pantone's website}

I love color. There aren't many colors I don't like and I'm always looking for new ways to combine color and infuse it into my home. I also enjoy helping clients step out of their color boxes and explore new options for their homes.

Lucy USE
{Lucy, by Target, is an example of how a client recently brought color (pink!) into her decor. We love Lucy!}

There are many people who prefer neutrals in decor and fashion. Ironically, neutrals are also a big "trend" in fashion and home decor now. Go figure. That's why I never really take a trend too seriously, it's really about what you like and can live with, but I digress.

I've posted last August about Restoration Hardware's new neutral look. As I walked through the store and then saw their catalog it was as if all color had been sucked out of their products.
There is a clean, calm feeling going on there now.

RH livingRm
{From Restoration Hardware's website, where calm & neutral rule.}

{Neutral living room from Martha Stewart.}

So is it color (dare I say honeysuckle?) or neutral for you and your home? Of course, skillfully combining neutrals and color is a way to embrace both in your decor, but where's the trend in that? Leave me a comment and tell me which you prefer and why!


deb clark said...

Give me colors over neutrals! My living and dining room walls are golden yellow. It feels like I am getting a big hug every time I walk in the door.

Lauren said...

I love the neutrals for design purposes, but with the right combination, I always love those pops of colour! (:


April Force Pardoe said...

Deb & Lauren, thanks for your comments. The thing I love about decorating is it's all about what YOU love - color or neutral, it has to make you happy!

Sarah said...

I always go for color! Sometimes, I wish I could be one of those neutral serene types but I just don't think I have it in me. Color is so cheerful.

Kristal said...

I like neutrals as a great back ground with lots of strong accent colors - I love charcoal gray!!

design for living author, April Force Pardoe, said...

Kristal - thank you for your comment. Isn't gray a wonderful, rich and versatile color? I also love it.