How fashionable is your art?

I have been redecorating my home office (when I get the final window treatments I'll post pictures!) and that included adding art. To me, an office is just like any other room in your home—it's should be filled with things you love to see every day. I like it to feel less like an office and more like a welcoming room with pretty things!

I enjoy fashion and when I found these 3 ladies I was thrilled to bring them home to work with me! They are lined up on the wall behind my desk and they inspire me every day.

I should name them, don't you think?

fashion lady #3

fashion lady #2

fashion lady #1

Since I added these fashion prints to my office I've noticed fashion in art all over the place! I know this isn't a new thing, but it's kind of like when you buy a blue VW Beetle -- you then start seeing blue VW Beetles everywhere!

Here are a few more of my favorites. There is something for every style so if you love fashion and decorating consider adding something like this to your decor. Place them in unexpected rooms -- kitchen, entry or living areas -- and enjoy your home's new fashion!

{Vogue cover, Autumn Fuchsia, 1957. Love the color here! This is not focused on the fashion as much as it is the color and car, but it screams good fashion, so it's in!}

houndstooth dog
{A little Houndstooth & Tweed for your home. Love the dog!}

fell in love dress
{"Fell in Love" giclee print, Ballard Designs. Romantic.}

view from back
{Back view of gown, Zimmerman. Great colors!}

I saved my favorite for last. The original "newspaper dress," by San Francisco artist, Denise Fiedler, was 12" high and created by hand cutting strips from the pages of old book and newspapers. I immediately wondered what I could cut up to create a similar look for my house! Love the graphic nature of this dress.

newspaper dress
{"Newspaper Dress" giclee print, Ballard Designs}

Have you included fashion art in your home? Where? I'd love to know what's on your walls!

Happy decorating.


Kathleen Ellis said...

Great post, April! I love fashion oriented artwork....and YES! I have some in my office, too! I love the first shot you showed of the PINK Vogue cover...I'd like to get my hands on that!
Have a beautiful weekend...keep on inspiring us with your creativity!
;-D Kathleen

Anonymous said...

I love your fashion art and it is so YOU!

Anonymous said...

The walls in our walls are filled with things that mean something to our family and our interests.

Since I'm an artist, most of it is my own work. I've painted our pets, including our horses, dogs and cats as well as a large portrait of my husband on his hunt horse.

I'm also considered a wildlife painter and some of my arwork reflects birds, foxes and other wildlife that I have seen.

The art hanging in our home fits our interests and makes us happy.

Sarah said...

LOVE those prints! I too have framed some vogue prints for my apartment.

design for living author, April Force Pardoe, said...

Thank you all for your comments...sounds like you are getting it right in your homes!

Anonymous said...

April, these images are so YOU! I recently moved my office into a different space in my home so I have also been reconsidering the artwork. I have several paintings that were given to my by a client (who is the artist). They are so wonderful - colorful and intense. They are the pieces I didn't know I was looking for. They inspire me.

Anonymous said...

Love the prints (and Ballard Designs)...hmm gives me some fresh ideas for my bedroom....


design for living author, April Force Pardoe, said...

Valerie - thanks. Who doesn't love fresh ideas for the bedroom!? :)

SeƱorita said...

Great artworks :) I love the one with Audrey Hepburn...

Maybe you should name the first three paintings after fashion icons like Audrey, Jacqueline, etc.

Keep posting!