Restoration Hardware - new look

I do a lot of shopping. Mostly for my wonderful clients, but sometimes for me! I went to the Columbia, MD Restoration Hardware store this week to look at some barstools that I am ordering for our house and I was shocked to walk into the store (which I was in one month ago) and see a whole new look with grey walls and ceilings and lots of distressed wood and dark leather furniture.

{RH Madeleine barstool}

I always enjoy their look and products, but one thing they are missing this go round is COLOR.

RH long leather sofa

Now, to be fair, they aren't 100% finished with the store renovation, but I am pretty certain the general look is established.

RH bedroom set

RH long mirror
{Am loving this RH mirror}

You can see more pictures on my AFP Interiors Facebook page. Tour your local store and let me know what you think. It's like a cloudy day in there.


Anonymous said...

I completely agree with your comment "it's like a cloudy day". The store in Dallas used to be so refreshing and inviting. I went in this weekend and to be fair they are not finished with the "reinvention" - but I miss the old look. I did a quick walk through and left. There does not seem to be that hook to stay and purchase anymore. I hope they realize they made a big mistake with this re-do sooner rather than later.

Anonymous said...

I haven't been to the store yet but browsed the catalog over the weekend. How depressing. Someone must have sold them on the idea that 1930's depression era look was in. Or someone sold them a 1930's warehouse full of broken down junk they are trying to unload as sheik.