Rustic kitchen tile ~ final detail

Last May I posted about a kitchen back splash I was creating with a Columbia, MD, client (creating finishing details). She and her husband are creating colorful kitchen, living and dining room spaces.

We completed the tile installation at the end of last year, so I am finally sharing the final results with you.

{Kitchen & back splash before tile...the orange walls are crying out for color on the back splash. The client wanted a rustic, colorful look to compliment her pottery collection.}

{Drawing of proposed tile layout.}

{Back splash now. This is the center art piece over the stove. The random pattern gives it a very casual feeling.}

{The finished tile to the left of the stove.
*Note, the switch plate covers are to be painted the same blue as the tiles in order to "hide" them and let the tile shine!}

{The finished tile to the right of the stove. The switch plate cover will be painted on this side as well.}

A back splash is a great way to add ART to your kitchen. Whether you go with a colorful, lively look as shown here, or with the clean look of subway tiles in one color, be sure to consider the overall feeling you want in the kitchen, as well as your overall color scheme. Look through magazines or books for inspiration and ideas.

Finally, always work with a professional installer to complete your installation—a quality installation is just as important as the tile you select.

What is on your kitchen back splash? Leave me a comment about your back splash, I'd love to know what decor is cooking in your kitchen!


artis1111 said...

I think you did a great job. I am one who likes to change things a lot. I paint my backsplash with murals .,and put polly over so you can wash. That way I can change the design when I change my mind.

April Force Pardoe said...

Thank you for your comment! I love the idea of painting a mural (or having an artist do it!) and covering it so it's washable. That's key! Form and function together. Perfect.

debclark said...

I love all of the colors - this kind of visual stimulation would certainly make me look forward to spending time in the kitchen.

April Force Pardoe said...

Thanks Deb! It is inspiring, right?