Mixing fabric patterns

Mixing fabric patterns in your home is a great way to add interest, texture and life to your decor. Many people shy away from it though because while it looks great when done well, it seems difficult to actually pull off. I'll share a few tips to make it easier on you, with some pretty examples from a recently completed design project.

{This family room uses 5 different fabrics, not counting the solid fabric on the sofas}

Tip 1 for mixing patterns - establish a color pallet of 2 - 3 colors and stick to that. Add in neutrals as needed. You can also use different values (light and dark) of the same color, creating a monochromatic scheme. For example, dark, mid and light greys could make up your pallet.

{Our pallet for this room was plum, light green and cream, this fabric has all three!
We made 3 pillows out of this striped fabric, it has great texture and can be placed horizontally or vertically}

Tip 2 for mixing patterns - vary the scale of your patterns. They can't all be large scale or small scale or there is no interest.

{Medium scale plum fabric, used on 1 pillow}

{Large scale cream fabric, used on 2 pillows}

{Three fabrics together on love seat. Don't they look happy?!}

Tip 3 for mixing patterns - Mirror patterns among fabrics. For example, three of the fabrics in this room have circle patterns, but they are different in scale and color (following first 2 tips!). They don't ALL have to be the same patterns though. To add more interest add different shapes - like stripes and organic shapes (as shown here).

{Organic pattern, in light green, on 1 pillow in room}

{Smallest circle scale in room, in plum, used on drapes}

{Drapes in the smallest scale plum fabric}

Tip for pillows - vary the sizes and shapes you use to add visual interest. If you use one shape, vary the sizes so they create a layer when placed together.

Have you struggled to mix patterns in your home? If so, I hope these tips help. If not, send me pictures of your successful pairings! april@afpinteriors.com

Happy decorating!

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Kathleen Ellis said...

Great tips, April! This room looks very calming!
Have a beautiful day~