Colorful Chicago

I just spent 5 relaxing days in Chicago. I had my camera in hand every day and loved all of the colorful flowers that filled downtown. I know, Chicago is known for their architecture (and I have pictures of that too!), but the flowers that lined the streets at my every turn amazed me.

april at ferris wheel chicago
{Me on Navy Pier, a tourist trap, but we had a fun ride with amazing views, from the Ferris wheel}

Instead of looking for design inspiration in a magazine, book or store, try looking out your window or taking in the sights around you on your next walk or adventure. Nature presents great color combos that you can use in your interior (or exterior) spaces.

Want to spruce up your entry, deck or patio? Grab a pretty pot or container and fill it with color! Here's some inspiration.

tall planter Lakeview Chi
{A lovely container in front of a house in the Lakeview community of Chicago. We went here for a music festival, but walked the neighborhood streets and loved their charming gardens and decks.}

patio Lakeview Chi
{A deck in Lakeview. Simple and charming. Coffee anyone?}

deck in Chicago
{A view from our architectural boat tour on the river}

Lurie gardens sign
{A sign in The Lurie Garden in Chicago's Millenium Park}

Lurie gardens Chi
{Purple and green as far as the eye can see in The Lurie Garden in Chicago's Millenium Park. Yep, this downtown of a thriving CITY!}

large city planter chicago
{One of hundreds of planters that line the streets of downtown Chicago}

close up garden chi
{Love these colors!}

entry lakeview chi
{Another charming Lakeview home with an inviting entry and garden}

front garden lakeview chi
{The garden of the home above}

We came across a boy and his lemonade stand in Lakeview. I couldn't pass up the 25 cent chocolate chip cookies and a 50 cent lemonade! Cute, huh?

lemonade chi town
{Lemonade stand in Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago}

Check back for more great Chicago architecture pictures!

Happy decorating.


Jane Ann Maxwell said...

Chicago is so great. I love my backyard, but sometimes I think an urban lifestyle with just a balcony to care for would be just the thing...

April Force Pardoe said...

Jane Ann, I know what you mean! A small, chic balcony overlooking the river would be divine - oh, and less work than a yard!

Carrie Root said...

Oh! This makes me feel nostalgic for my patio in Baltimore. I would trade my big back yard in a heartbeat for just a little patio with the right amount of flowers.

April Force Pardoe said...

Carrie, I know what you mean. My city deck and yard was so small and nice and easy! :)