Outdoor pillows add a pop!

Tis the season of outdoor living and entertaining. We've been creating outdoor spaces that have many of the comfort elements of our indoor rooms — sofas, lighting, rugs, artwork and pillows all give our spaces that added comfort.

I recently worked with a client to add custom pillows to her outdoor covered porch. This porch is so peaceful. It has a beautiful stone floor and overlooks a lovely garden.

Her furniture bases are neutral, with red upholstered cushions (red is also a neutral, as it goes with almost every color!). She wasn't interested in bold, tropical floral patterns, so we selected a few outdoor fabrics to add a touch of class without bringing in bold colors (allowing the red to be the star!).

sofa custom pillows
{Sofa that lines one side of the long porch. Polka dots add fun and the tan fabric has tiny black dots to match the dots.}

sofa custom pillows
{Coordinating, but not matching, pillows accessorize this red sofa.}

The client didn't want tons of pillows that they had to toss around in order to sit down, so we stuck with 3 on the sofa. Custom also allows you to select the filler for your pillows. In this case she went with down because it's softer on your head (especially good when napping!).

two chairs custom pillows
{Two chairs and ottomans across from the sofa.}

chair with custom pillow
{Lumbar pillows add comfort while sitting without getting in the way!}

As always, when shopping for pillows (indoor or out), take any existing fabrics from the room with you when you shop (for both custom and retail shopping). This way you can match and coordinate colors exactly.

Also figure out what sizes you want before you go so you narrow down what you are looking for. When buying pillows for outside it's best to get an outdoor fabric that can weather the elements. You can also use this fabric indoors if you have an area that gets a lot of use.

Happy outdoor living!

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Kathleen Ellis said...

Great job, April! What a pleasing space for outdoor enjoyment!