ribbon - my 7th favorite holiday decorating item

My seventh favorite holiday decorating item is ribbon.

Ribbon adds softness and color to most displays. It also adds an organic shape because you can twist and turn it to create "movement" in your decor. There are so many options available so the sky is the limit when it comes to selection.

ribbon on banister
(The ribbon softens this lovely banister display, while adding a pop of color.)

I like to select ribbons in various widths and finishes (shiny silver and matte silver for example). You can also use different values of the same color for a clean, monochromatic look. For example, if you decorate with brown, find dark brown, mid-brown and maybe a light bronze colored ribbon to bring visual interest to your displays.

modern green swag
(This is designed by Design by DesAnn. I used it on my evergreen post,
but the ribbons here are pretty striking, so I had post it again!)

I also love ribbons with wire edges because they are easier to shape.

ribbon on chandelier
(Add a touch of softness and decor to your chandelier by adding ribbons.)

greens, etc.
(This is my own design and I added the silver ribbon to provide another dimension and pop.)

How do you decorate with ribbon during the holidays?

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