candy - my 8th favorite holiday decorating item

We're all just kids at heart, so it's no wonder candy appears on my holiday decorating list! I love wrapped candies in glass containers—they are instantly festive!

To make an interesting display stack various sized cake stands and add mini glasses to each level and fill them all with various candies. I once set this up in our kitchen, only to have it knocked out by a ball tossed to the dog!

(I love the candy that is spread around this cabinet—a touch of whimsy among the china.)

Kevin Reiner decor
(Designed by Keviin Reiner. Candy and silver—doesn't get any better than this!)

Happy decorating!

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Sarah said...

did you see the photos of the Christmas decor Martha Stewart did at Blair House? The dining room is done in pink with lots of candy! It is so much fun!