faux snow - my 13th favorite holiday decorating item!

I am surrounded by about 2 feet of snow here in Elkridge, MD. A blizzard blew through here Saturday and we had a ball playing in the snow all weekend. So, it's funny that my final favorite holiday decorating item is faux snow!

Snow is so pretty, why wouldn't you want to bring some indoors for the holidays?!

PB faux snow
(Faux snow from Pottery Barn.)

faux snow under silver
(The snow grounds this lovely holiday decor.)

Toss some on your shelves, around displays, in glass containers or on a tray. Instant winter!

PB faux snow rustic display
(More snow-filled decor, from Pottery Barn.)

(My own little bit of snow....there are three of these stacked on three shelves.)

PB faux snow greenery
(This is my favorite snow decor - metallic, evergreens and glass - LOVELY - from Pottery Barn.)

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Happy holidays!

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