i love seashells

I love to look at seashells year round. I collect them from every beach I visit and put them in bowls, glasses and containers around my house.

My mother-in-law recently brought me this lovely tin full of pretty shells. I hope she'll let me keep the tin?!

shells in tin

I love picking up glass containers of various sizes (this one has 2 mates and was $2 at Goodwill) and filling them with various things throughout the year. Sand and shells currently live here.


Last July I posted pictures of my favorite thing around my house and a small glass of shells was included. Simple, but pretty. What do you surround yourself with?


Frankie said...

I love shells and use them as a centerpiece when serving seafood.

If eating outside I put a scoop of sand in the center of the glass top table and place a variety of different shells and candles in the sand. I have one large shell that really pulls the theme together.

April Force Pardoe said...

Frankie, you are a decorating inspiration! Thanks for leaving a comment.

nicolette said...

I actually have a collection of sea shells on display. They are very pretty, though you have to be careful with some of them.