arranging book shelves using color!

There are so many lovely ways to arrange book cases. I think that as long as you include things you love and items that tell your story, they will work. Of course a little imagination doesn't hurt either!

One of my favorite ways to display books is via color. Simply arrange your books by jacket color and group them together. You now have instant eye catching bookcases!

Some argue that this makes books hard to find (because they aren't arranged by subject or author), but I guess it all depends on how often you need to pull books off of your shelf.

When we were visiting friends in Brooklyn their bookcases were so pretty I had to take pictures!


books 2 rows

b&w books

I came across the picture below in the January issue of Better Homes and Gardens (the homeowner is Tereasa Surratt). I love the stacks of books — this is now a wall of unique art.

horiz stacks of books

Happy decorating and reading!


Anonymous said...

It looks cool, but as an avid reader I don't think I could organize my bookshelves by color. Something just doesn't seem right about it.

I guess I'm just more functional. I'd have to do it alphabetically, by author or by category.

Bottom line, it's your home and you've got to do what feels right...for you.

April Force Pardoe said...

@ Todd - I know that my friends have one set of shelves for fiction and one for non fiction, but otherwise, they are not organized by book. I know other avid readers like yourself who have said the same thing! Thanks for stopping by.