not your typical table

I love to find different and new ways to decorate with things that aren't what they seem. You've heard me say this many times—"see things not for what they are, but for what they could be."

I've been collecting pictures of tables for a while and want to share them with you because they are not what you'd expect!

(books stacked and topped with a tray—how smart!)

file cabinet table
(yes, that's a gray filing cabinet you see to the left of the sofa. sort of chic, no?)

shelf table
(a shelf as a side table? charming)

small tables
(have a few small tables sitting around? group them together and top with a picture!)

Now it's time to hunt around your house for a "table."

Happy decorating!


Carol Ann said...

Great post...I would add stacked antique suitcases for a table...

April Force Pardoe said...

Thank you. I agree, cool suitcases make a great table.

nicolette said...

The tables are great, but I just can't get over that single spread of wall paper to replace painting. Is ingenious the right word for it?


April Force Pardoe said...

@ Nicolette - yes, it is ingenious, easy and beautiful! what a great way to add art to a large wall. Thanks for visiting!