Five favorite decorating face lifts

A well-designed room evolves over time and travels and grows and changes as your family and lifestyle changes. That said, there are simple and affordable ways to whip some rooms into shape in a matter of one day or less.

My five favorite decorating face lifts are:

1. Curtains UP. Raise your curtain rods up to ceiling, or as close as you can get. The higher you hang them the higher your ceiling appears. If you don't want to replace your current window treatments with new, longer treatments, find a complimentary/coordinating fabric and have it sewn onto the bottom of your current treatments. Or, treat yourself to new treatments!

2. Art DOWN. Look around your rooms. If your art isn't at eye level lower it. A good rule of thumb is if you are looking at the art when seated, place it at eye level for a person sitting nearby. If it's viewed while standing (at entryway or in hallway) position it at eye level while standing. No more craning your neck!

3. Rugs UNDER. Place your area rugs under something versus floating around your rooms like magic carpets. In the living room anchor your rugs under your sofa/chair legs. In the bedroom anchor your rug under your bed. Now your rugs are happy!

4. Color ALL OVER. Do you have an accent wall or a dark color on your walls with a white ceiling? Spread that color all over your walls and ceiling. Adding color all over reduces contrast and opens up a space. Really!

5. Furniture OUT. Is your furniture all pushed against the wall? By bringing pieces off the wall and into the room not only do you create better conversation areas, you open up your rooms by creating room for layering furniture and lighting. You are using more of your room when you bring the furniture into the space and off the wall. Let your pieces shine!

What is your favorite decorating face lift? Are you willing to try one of these and if so, which one? Happy decorating ~ April


Kathleen Ellis said...

GREAT tips, April! These are all easy, do-able things that go a long way in updating your rooms!

Carrie Root said...

Can you PLEASE convince my husband that the beautiful dark plum color that I want to use in our bedroom is not too dark. He wants to only put it on an accent wall and make the rest "antique white - ugh!"

April Force Pardoe said...

What are his objections?