get creative with color

I was coloring with my 4-year old daughter last week and we were making Valentine's pictures (hearts to be exact— she's learning how to draw a heart and is working very hard on this important skill!). Every time I picked up a color for my next heart she said "is that a Valentine's color?" I kept saying that any color could be a Valentine's color.

Of course to a 4-year old red and pink are really the ONLY Valentine's colors, but she let me slide and use a few others!

This got me thinking—do you box yourself in when it comes to color selections? At the holidays and beyond do you use only "appropriate colors?" How about getting creative with color and mixing it up? If the catalogs and stores are showing tans and blues together but you love green with those colors, well go on and add it in. You don't need any one's permission!

What are your favorite color combos and how do you use them in your house? What colors are you wondering how to incorporate? Click the "comment" button below and let me know.

Happy red & purple Valentine's day!

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