HUEmor me: orange

I love color. It's one of my favorite things about decorating and something I always notice outside of decorating as well. I thought it would be fun to "feature" a different color here every once in a while and during this thought process I came up with the very bad "HUEmor me" pun. What can I say? It came to me late at night when I should have been sleeping! (Oh, like you've never come up with a bad pun!)

a few of Sherwin-Williams' oranges
(L to R) Deteremined Orange, Autumnal and Soft Apricot

It's cold and icy here today so my thoughts are turning to warmth and that makes me think of the color orange. The idea here is to present each color in a new way, to help you see it in a new light and in several pairings in the hopes that you may gain a new appreciation for colors you may have ignored before.

You never know when a color you dismissed in the past might just be the perfect fit in your home decor. So, HUEmor me and open your mind and pallet!

favorite pairings:
orange & brown
orange & blue

orange & plum/violet

orange & green
orange & magenta/pink

(white or cream pair nicely with any of these combos)

The great thing about pairing colors is that you don't have to do it yourself——there are people out there who have already done the work for you. You just have to look around. Find your color inspirations in fabric, scrapbook paper, art, wallpaper, pillows, clothing or magazines (fashion and home zines are obvious choices, but don't limit yourself). If you see a color pairing you like buy said item and use it as your color matching tool. Easy, right?

favorite thing about orange:

* it's a great pop of color in an otherwise neutral room
(just be sure to spread it around in a few places vs. one orange vase)
it goes with so many colors that it fits in well with most color schemes
you may be the only one on your block with an orange pillow!

orange is:

If you want a room to feel "fun," "happy," or "refreshing" when you are finished decorating, consider adding orange to the room.

more great orange paints colors:
Benjamin Moore's pumpkin pie, oriole or creamy orange //
Ralph Lauren's Villa Torlonia

Orange you glad you read this? Could NOT resist....you saw that coming, right?

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