My favorite things

I encourage people to surround themselves with their favorite things, items that make them happy and have meaning to them. These items, which may or may not have any monetary value, should have something more important -- a personal value that reminds you of a trip, a loved one, or simply something you enjoy looking at.

I decided to look around my home and see if I have taken my own advice! Here are a few of my favorite things. Things I love to look at, that make my home mine, that I love to share my home with and things that make me happy. This light hangs in my foyer and was a gift from a Fells Point "antique" shop. I think it was blue when we bought it. The shapes it gives off when lit are very cool.

The pillow in the first picture has texture and warmth and provides a great contrast against the leather chair. It adds some interest to my living room. I love this clock's lines and shape and it is a gift from a dear friend. The shells are from various beaches -- by far my favorite place to spend time.

This copper container is from an old bookcase that my grandparents owned. I fill it with various things throughout the year, depending on the season. Right now I love that it's filled with plants from a special gift basket and beautiful blue glass.

If you've ready my blog in the past you know that these pictures of our dog, Lexi, are one of my very favorite items. They are truly one of a kind and I find them calming.

Yes, that's a picture of a branch (and not a very good picture....). I wondered if I could list a branch from the side of the road as one of my favorite things and then realized it's my blog and I can do whatever I want! Seriously, I love its shape, simplicity and ability to make a few of my everyday items a bit more special.

Now I'd like to ask you to participate with me in taking a picture of your favorite things, with a description and note about what you like about it and email them to me, april@afpinteriors.com. I will post them on my blog for all to see. Go on, look around and take those pictures....


Amy said...

I have lots of things in my office that are favorites. One of them is a little frame that has a small piece of paper in it that says, "That's why we're five." It's about a really great work experience I had with a group of people.

April Force Pardoe said...

What a great memory....I wonder where mine is? I love that!

Steph said...

I haven't taken any current pictures but I've finally decided what to do in my den, inspired by your pictures of your dog. I'm going to print a bunch of different size pictures of family in black and white and hang them in some kind of interesting way. When I get it done, I'll send you a picture.
I do have one thing in my bathroom (of all places!) That I treasure. It's a red and clear glass that used to be Dad's mothers, inscribed with her name. Mom gave it to me as a wedding shower present. I truly love it.