Carrie's "blue" phase

I'm writing about S&TC the movie today. So, if you haven't seen it and don't want to know ANYTHING about it stop reading! I saw the movie the weekend it opened and have been intending to write this ever since...a bit of "old news," but still worth a post.

So, I'll share my thoughts on Carrie's new & blue NYC apartment.

Her TV apartment was so her, so Carrie. Eclectic, worn, comfortable, full of memories and functional pieces that worked together because of her. It was full of conversations, emotions, words, love and chaos.

Enter the movie and her loss. She's literally blue and it rubs off on her apartment in a big (no pun intended) and fabulous way. Sort of....

Don't get me wrong, I love the new color on her walls (Casa Sugar predicts Benjamin Moore’s Electric Blue is a close match), they are brilliant and vibrant and energizing. But, I think they are too nice. Too clean. Too "just right" and trendy-cool for Carrie. And while we're talking about her apartment, where did the bedroom radiator go?

My favorite thing about her new digs are the pictures above her bed. They are arranged in such a way that reminds me of the former apartment—fabulous, but a little off, not too perfect, but perfect just they way they are!

I always feel that a space should reflect the person/people who live there. This new, blue and fancy apartment just doesn't match our Carrie. I get that she needed to make a HUGE change after the Big Thing. I understand that. I guess that's the only reason it works despite the fact that it is so NOT Carrie. She was not herself anymore (not to get too deep here), so she needed to erase the past and add a new element to her life.

Samantha's dog loved her new pillows, but what did you think about the new decor? And, does your space "match" you?

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree, it wasn't her! The color is gorgeous, but it feels formal to me. I think it looks great in her living room but weird in her bedroom. I would feel like I should be going to bed with a full face of makeup and a fur-trimmed dressing gown if I had a bedroom like that.