this is not your mother's wallpaper

You may or may not know this, but wallpaper is back.

I'll pause while you sigh and moan and say "why?," "it's hard to remove" and "it's messy."

I know. I know! I hadn't considered using wallpaper for that same reason, but we're WRONG. 

Wallpaper has a great new, modern look (and is still widely available in the classics) and according to an article in Window Fashions magazine, is "easy up, easy down." 

Here's the skinny, according to Graham & Brown, "the new nonwoven papers are a great invention that have really gained momentum in the last two or three years. They are made from just one piece of paper. There isn't a backing paper that can peel away from the front design, which is what made the old wallpapers sometimes difficult to remove."

With these bold patters I'm hooked...now I just need to find a wall!


Sarah said...

I love the wallpaper trend! If I wasn't in an apartment, I would totally wallpaper a wall in the dining room. I think it is so chic and fun in a great graphic pattern!

Kathleen Ellis said...

I absolutely LOVE wallpaper...always have, always will! I've used wallpaper in every place I've lived in (rented or owned). It is a little extra work to remove but the pay off is so worth it!
When in doubt, start with just one wall or a folding screen, to build your courage up!
Wallpaper can express your unique style in a way that paint just can't do.

Anonymous said...

I love wallpaper too! Even after I had to remove it from at least three rooms in my current house. It was a messy nightmare, sure, but how often are you really going to need to take it down? Thank for you this piece. I had stopped admitting to anyone that I loved wallpaper, because I always get, Oh God! Why would you do that? It's the worst thing you can ever do to your walls...blah, blah, blah