Odd question

If you could be any piece of furniture what would you be and why?

I know it's an odd question, but what the heck. Stop being so serious all the time and let your mind wander. Have some fun!

After some thought I think I'd be a chaise. I picked this because it's inviting. It can hold one person, or more than one if you want to get cozy. You can relax on it while reading, enjoy your favorite tv show or have a great conversation. It's a bit uncommon. It's striking and interesting and seems a little special—as if it's meant for a break. It's versatile in its placement; it's just as happy in the bedroom as in the living room.

Fabric selection wasn't as easy, but today I'm feeling like either of these would be a good fit. I know I will change my mind soon....a bright summery pattern might be nice!

I haven't heard from ya'll in a while. Let me know what you think about this. 

What piece of furniture are you and why?


Chris said...

An interesting question...I guess I would say I'm a desk. When I was growing up, my college professor dad had a 'den' with a big oak desk. We kids were not allowed to go into the den, so it was very mysterious, but I always loved desks with all their nooks and crannies to put important letters, papers and pens. (I also have a thing about pens, but that's another story.) So I like desks...functional, hard-working, oaky, secretive...

Anonymous said...

I'm more like a sofa. With the kids, I'm lounged on, jumped on, spilled on, and slept on. I can fit in in most rooms and like to have a bit of differnt colors and textures.

Anonymous said...
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Jessica said...

I am like a recliner, LAID BACK... Ha! Inviting, comfortable, warm, dependable and ecclectic since you can always re-cover. :-)Jess