I love purple

I know what you're thinking....LOVE? Can you really love a color? Well, yes, you can!

For as long as I can remember purple has been my favorite color. I was flipping through In Style and Metropolitan Home magazines recently (I'm a magazine junkie and could easily spend hours upon hours reading magazines...anyway, all of the pix here are from those zines) and in each one I found pictures of purple things -- for the home, for your closet, for your nails, purple, purple, purple.

These pictures got me thinking about my love of purple and if/where it was in my home or wardrobe. No purple in my spring/summer closet and just one turtle neck sweater in my winter items. Not good. Making a note to buy purple this fall. Not bright, full-saturation purple, but deep shades of plum and eggplant. They would look good in my closet, don't you think?

Then came my home. For a minute I thought it was a purple-free zone. That wouldn't be good. How can I not have my favorite color in my home? Then I remembered I have purple in my bathroom -- in the shower curtain and rugs. Whew.

This purple mixer really makes me happy, too. Purple in the kitchen...that's a great idea.

The purple stripes on my shower curtain are mixed with some green, orange, yellow and blue (on the curtain, but just with green on the rugs), and it sounds ugly, I know (as I'm typing it I realize just how ugly it sounds....), but it's not! It's a dark, deep purple. I was quite happy when I realized I have my favorite color somewhere in my house. You should be surrounded by colors you LOVE.

Are you? What is your favorite color and is it in your home? Your closet? There are so many shades of every color that surely you can find one that you love enough to look at every day or wear once in a while.

And while I have you thinking happy thoughts about your favorite color go ahead and send me a comment (just hit that "comment" button) and tell me your favorite color. I love you guys, but you have not been commenting lately or answering my questions! This one is easy...don't make me beg, I'm busy reading magazines!


Sarah said...

I love pink! And there is definitely pink in my wardrobe... not so much in my apartment though - the boy thinks it is too girly. ;-) But we have some lovely purple-y curtains and pillows from Ikea now - with lime green and brown... it is lovely!

Kathleen Ellis said...

Great post, April!
Purple has always been my favorite color...but a more blue purple than red purple...like lavender and deep periwinkley purple.
The older I've gotten though, I've realized...I can have more than one favorite color! so, I add pink and cocoa beige!
My dining room is a soft pink color and the most favorable compliments on it come from...MEN!Unsolicited at that!
Surprise, surprise!
I have always surrounded my self with the colors I love and always encourage my clients to do the same!

Frankie said...

I love burgundy. Have it all over the house, in rugs, on walls, flowers. Also wear it a lot. It is MY color!