A reader's window - redesigned!

I'm so happy today because a blog reader (and under full disclosure, a friend and past Butchers Hill neighbor) sent me an email about a decorating challenge she is having in her bedroom. I'm happy because I always ask for photos of your challenges, but I don't often get any. Now it's time to help solve her problem.

My recent newsletter (click here to sign up to receive my free monthly newsletter) focused on selecting window treatments so my friend Deb sent me this challenge after reading that. She lives in a rowhouse in Canton in Baltimore City and these are common windows in the front bedrooms of those houses.

Here's the picture of her bedroom windows.

Clark USE
{City windows that want a facelift!}

Here's her email:

"OK so here is my bedroom. Windows are a complete mystery to me. I had cordless cellular shade but they got so dusty I just threw them away. Anywho, right now I have those temporary shades you buy for 7 $ @ Home Depot. I made the valances — I could do better next time. I like color and have several simple handmade quilts but would like to turn it up a notch. I tell you all of this because maybe if you have an idea that can send me in that direction, then I can follow through with other changes as well. Also, the look of the room is shabby chic with white distressed furniture. I have an old window hanging over the bed and empty, old, white picture frames on various walls. I like the light coming in but since I live in a rowhouse, I need privacy too. What do you think?

Well Deb, you've come to the right place because I have a few thoughts! I would like to see you hang a fabric roman shade over each window. If you have enough depth in the windows, you can mount the shades inside the windows (to show off the molding).

This "relaxed" roman shade style would go nicely with your shabby chic look.

{Relaxed roman shades mounted inside of windows}

If you can't do an inside mount, hang them outside, up to the ceiling. Outside mount will allow you to see more of the window (and let more light in) when they are raised. Size them so they hit the window sill when lowered.

{Flat roman shade, outside mount}

Roman shades come in various styles. Select one that goes best with your style. Fabric will have a lot to do with setting that feeling too. This "tulip" style shade would look great in your room too.

{Tulip style roman shade}

You could also add a cornice board valance over the shades to add another layer to the look.

{Valance over relaxed roman shade}

If you can't find ready-made shades to fit your windows are you handy enough to make your own? If not you'll want to find a workroom or a friend who sews well!

Let me know what you think and how it all works out. What are your window or decorating challenges? Please send pictures and I'll help you sort it out.

Happy decorating!


debclark said...

April - all the choices are beautiful. I especcially like the relaxed roman shade. The fabric is so pretty! Can you give us suggestions of stores or websites where they may actually sell these gorgous fabrics. I must not be looking in the right places 'cuz I mainly find boring. Thanks for the advice!

bosslady1001 said...

The relaxed one is my favorite to (and gorgeous fabric), partly because I really like showing the window casings instead of hiding them!