Biggest mistake in designing a room

I just spent this morning preparing for a client meeting. We'll be reviewing floor plan options for her living room before making furniture selections. When new furniture is being purchased I think a floor plan is the very best way to begin your design project.

This can be something you do yourself (the tools required are a tape measure, graph paper and a pencil) or with a designer, but it's something you should do to ensure all of your furnishings will fit in the room in a pleasing and functional way. Bonus, it's a fun and easy way to play with placement options without hard labor!

space plan on board
{Floor plan I created for the 2010 Historic Ellicott City decorator show house}

As usual, most really good ideas are shared by many. I found this "Q & A" from the Feb. 3 Washington Post’s online Home Front Discussion with House Beautiful editor in chief Newell Turner.

Q. Mistakes/trends

Hi Newell, I'm a big fan of yours! Wondering what decorating mistake you see most often that we should avoid and what trends you have seen enough of?

A. Newell Turner:
Great question! I think the biggest mistake people make is not starting with a floor plan—even something very basic and simple. Knowing size and space needs and limitations takes a lot of guess-work (and potential mistakes) out of the decorating equation.

Happy decorating!

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