Pretty, pretty fabric!

Today I found a new online decorating magazine, Rue. I was going to finish reading it and then share it with you, but on page 19 I found an ad with a familiar site -- the fabrics I used in my decorator show house room!

So now I can share the zine link AND pictures of the ad and my fabric. It's nice to share, right?

Here's the ad, for Duralee's Thomas Paul fabrics...

Duralee ad TP fabric

And here's a picture of my room -- with the same pillow fabric and one of the framed fabrics as my drapes!

AFP show house room - TP fabric
{AFP Interiors' room at the Historic Ellicott City decorator's show house}

AFP show house room - TP fabric
{Pretty Thomas Paul fabrics really add a pop to this room!}

TP fabric close up, AFP show house room
{Close up of the plum peacock pattern on the pillow}

I know, it's an ad for Thomas Paul fabric so of course they will show his fabric, but he has a lot of beautiful fabrics, so it was just fun to see "MY" fabrics in the ad!

Check out Rue and let me know what you think!

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