moving sofas all around

In honor of the last week of "pull your sofa off the wall" month, I'm sharing another great redesign where I pulled a sofa off of a wall to make better use of the space.

A common misconception about moving your sofa off the wall (IF that is the best position in your room -- not all spaces are created equally) is that you will lose the valuable space behind the sofa. What usually happens is that you gain space because you can now put furnishings and lighting behind your sofa or walk behind it, adding depth, interest and function to your room.

If your sofa is against the wall, the extra large space that is in front of it, in the middle of your room, is probably only useful if you are having a dance party! :)

sofa against wall b4
(Before, sofa against wall, lots of room for walking around, but not very interesting)

sectional away from wall after
(After, new sectional, pulled off the wall on each side - making room for a table and lighting behind one side and room to walk to the sliding door behind the other side. Lovely!)

C'mon, don't be shy. Send me a picture of your sofa — I'll help you decide where its best position is!

Happy decorating.

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