stylish & pretty reusable bags

Along with my love of magazines and stationery, I also love a great bag. Whether its a purse, a tote, beach bag or something to hold work files, I love carrying something stylish to get the job done.

Imagine my surprise when I opened the mail today and found a big yellow envelope addressed to me. It was from a fellow designer, Marie Whitehill, who I "met" during a recent SDP webinar. I was a presenter during the webinar (it was on business forms—boring stuff, but important & useful for a business owner!) and sent Marie my files after the event. It was my pleasure to do so.

(Black on White Swirl collection bags from Mixed Bag Designs)

Well she went and mailed me a thank you gift. And, not just any gift, but these fabulous reusable bags (not something that usually goes together -— fabulous and reusable) from Mixed Bag Designs. They are so great that I had to A. thank her publicly and B. share the bags with you!

Mixed Bag Designs' site says they wanted to design a "great looking reusable grocery bag…a bag with no logos, a bag that could be used for groceries and a million different things..." They succeeded! I just started poking around on the site, but see that the bags come in all sorts of colors and sizes.

Now I must plan a shopping trip for today so I can use my great new bags! And I was just in Target this morning...

Thanks Marie and thank you Mixed Bag Designs for making such a great product!

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