stumped by kitchen design

We have been talking about redoing our outdated kitchen since we moved into our house almost 4 years ago now. The usual things have kept us from actually doing it —time, money, kids, more important projects and then repeat the list.

There's one other thing that has held me back. What to do with the space! Yes, even designers get stumped.

Don't get me wrong, I know what I do not like, but there are so many kitchen ideas out there that even a designer can get overwhelmed.

I decided to take my own advice and start a style file and take it from there. I scour magazines, websites and trade shows for counter top and flooring ideas. And, just last night we met with a wonderful artist,
Dee Cunningham, owner of Deelite Design, to talk about my re-finishing the cabinets (which are in great shape but need a face lift). She is an amazing artist whose work is now featured in the Howard County Decorator Show House.

We're considering moving the refrigerator and that will open up a space that we will need to fill. My first thought, especially in a kitchen, is what do we NEED in this room? What function do we wish we could perform? How can we make the best use of the space? Then I start looking for ideas—borrowing a thought from a magazine, combining plans, taking inspiration wherever I can find it. It's a hunt for knowledge and inspiration and it's an exciting process.

If you are looking to re-design a space and can wrap your brain around the functions of the room, open your eyes to product and decor ideas and collaborate with professionals you will be in great shape for starting a design project. We all get stumped, you just have to keep narrowing your ideas down to take make YOUR best space (and know when to ask for help!).

I'm not ready to post "before" pictures yet (I have to catch the kitchen when it's clean which is really only about 30 minutes a week), but stay tuned as we figure out our kitchen's new design.

Happy decorating and please leave a comment below about a kitchen renovation project you're working on our looking to complete. Heck, go ahead and leave a comment about anything!

Thanks for stopping by!


janet b said...

I love designing kitchens, although many of them have never come to fruition! I've gutted and renovated one (removing 1 of 5 doors in a 8x15 galley kitchen, and moving the sink in its place), added creative cabinet arrangements to another, and even had a friend bring me new european sized cabinet doors to update my existing kitchen - all the way from Sweden (nothing like shopping online in a foreign language!). I'm about to embark on a multi-stage kitchen update that will actually span several years. My head is swimming with ideas!

Ella from Toronto said...

Well if space is not the problem for you, I would fill it with loads of massive counters. That makes the kitchen look gorgeous from my point of view because it shows you actually have a use of them. Well I don't really know if you use them :) Also I would think about the combination of steel and wood and white, but it has to be carefully combined otherwise it just looks like a bad mishap. Give a glance at my article about kitchen staging if you want, useful tips about how to make your kitchen look great with no costs. I'll be waiting for your pictures! Can't wait to see what your design will look like :)

Take care, Ella