rediscover the chandelier

This one is inspired by my very stylish friend, Sarah!

Sometimes there are just too many pretty things available to surround ourselves with that it can be overwhelming (at least to me!). One of those pretty things is a chandelier. They are elegant, girly, modern, clean, classic or country. Yep, there's one for every taste and style.

They are easy to update if you have one in your home that you just kind of like. Get out the spray paint to all of the "builder's shiny gold" chandeliers hanging over your dining room tables! Add a shade and you have a brand new piece. Really!

And they are not just for over tables anymore. Place a small chandelier in your daughter's room, or over you bed side tables. In a living room or reading corner; they are at home anywhere you see fit. A bathroom would surely be taken up a notch if a chandelier was added. Imagine the surprise!

Here are a few beauties I found online....

Jonathan Adler design HB
(Jonathan Adler design, in House Beautiful - very FUN)

Myra Hoefer Design HB
(Myra Hoefer Design, in House Beautiful - cozy & comfortable with class)

lamps plus icicle leaf
(Icicle Leaf chandelier, Lamps Plus)

Ashley Whittaker design HB
(Ashley Whittaker design, in House Beautiful - pretty and formal without fuss)

Barry Dixon design Niermann Weeks Avignon chandelier HB
(Barry Dixon design, Niermann Weeks Avignon chandelier, in House Beautiful - relaxed formal)

Zgallerie Calais chand
(Calais chandelier, Z Gallerie)

pretty in pink
(I think it's from the bhg.com website...found it a while ago — kind of Ikea chic! Love it)

Susan Zises Green designer HB
(Susan Zises Green design, in House Beautiful - formal with a playful chandelier)

McBournie's Palm Beach design HB
(McBournie's Palm Beach design, in House Beautiful - great contrasts here & beautiful colors)

I hope you enjoyed the picture show!

Happy decorating.


Sarah said...

LOVE this post (obviously!). Especially the ideas about chandeliers in bedrooms and bathrooms. I don't really ever think you can have too many chandeliers.

April Force Pardoe said...

thanks for commenting, Sarah. I need to find some great pictures of chandeliers in bed and bathrooms now!

Flat Roof Repairs Richmond VA said...

I really like how all the colors are put together in these rooms! They all compliment each other very nicely and provide a nice vibe in each room!

<3 Lindsay