is a color combo ever "out?"

In today's Home Section of The Washington Post there is an interview with interior designer Jamie Drake. His work is lovely, but one of his answers to their question threw me a bit.

(design by Jamie Drake as shown in July 23 Washington Post)

"Question: Is there a popular color combo that needs to go away?

Answer: As much as I love it, chocolate brown and pale blue has been done to death. And bright, intense orange and lime green—that's a color combination that's become Target-ized. It's everywhere."

While his opinion is valid, it rubs me the wrong way because I can picture every homeowner who has a brown and blue room (or has used orange and green in their outdoor decor) worrying that they are out of style now and should redecorate!

I guess my point is that while those combos are used a lot, if someone loves them they should stick with it. I hesitate to say one combo is "in" or "out" because that keeps us caught up in trends and really great decor begins with surrounding yourself with what you love, no matter the color or trends!

Happy decorating.


StylishHeather said...

I agree - if you love a colour combo, I don't think it matters if every single person on your street has the same one. It's what you do with it that makes your decor stand out anyway.

I'd hate to get rid of something I love just because some consider it "over used"...

April Force Pardoe said...

stylish - I agree! Confidence is often the missing ingredient when it comes to decorating. If you are confident in your choices you aren't swayed by what others think or do!

bosslady1001 said...

I think color combos can change with the times. Years ago, brown and light blue as a standard ruffled-country combo and today (or recently) it has been an urban-chic combo. Take the same colors and change the style and the look is completely different

Patrice said...

I agree, color combos will change as days or years go by. I love the chocolate brown and pale blue color combo by the way.

April Force Pardoe said...

Our tastes and trends change over time, but if we're doing something right we're also learning what we love regardless of trends or what our neighbor's like in their homes! Embrace what you love.

Thanks so much for reading and commenting. It really means a lot to me.