Personalizing your room — more!

You asked for it, so here it is—visual examples of what I meant by personalizing your room in the video blog I posted last week. These are examples of what you can add to your space to make it "yours." See, I always listen!

Here are a few of my favorite pieces that make my space mine.

(This art was made by kids at Living Classrooms and I have three hanging in my kitchen.
They are in the cheapo frames we bought them in and cost $1 each. I love them for their simplicity)

framed A
(I found this "A" in our attic and painted it pink and "framed" it with an oval frame
I bought at a yard sale for a few bucks. I also painted that.)

wall grates
(These are old window grates I picked up at a flea market many years ago for $8.
I love the texture they bring to the room.)

mantle decor after
(A stained glass window we bought on an anniversary trip and old architectural pieces from
a Baltimore row house. I painted those, they were an awful blue.)

pet ar
(Black and white pictures of our dear, sweet & crazy dog. She was a great model, letting me fidget
and play with the manual camera for a long time, trying to get the "right" shots.)

plates on the wall
(Plates on the wall aren't a new thing, but
adding them to your room will be unique to your decor)

(Framed scrapbook paper, what could be easier and more affordable?)

What do you surround yourself with that makes your house a home? Click on comment to let me know!

happy decorating.

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Kathleen Ellis said...

Great examples & visuals, April! Looks like you practice what you preach!