outdoor decor made easy

Are you looking for easy ways to decorate your next outdoor party or enhance you outdoor seating area? Using a few things you already have can update your outdoor spaces on the quick. Here are a few ideas.

(A bunch of flowers from the grocery store—in the same color—placed
in a silver ice bucket add an instant pop to your decor.)

urn with silverware
(Place your silverware (or silver colored plasticware!) in an urn or other "indoor"
container and line with napkins in colors that match your decor.)

paper products
(Mix indoor or plastic plates with colorful paper napkins and fruit to add a pop of color to a plain plate. An open napkin or dishtowel can be a placemat)

towel table cloth
(A towel can be a table cloth and bandannas make great napkins.
Continue the colors in everything else you place on the table (from InStyle magazine)).

pink table
(Got fruit? Produce makes a simple, easy and beautiful centerpiece. Add flowers and you are set.)

Happy decorating!


Kathleen Ellis said...

Great suggestions...love them!
So fresh and pretty are the color combos, too!

Carol Ann said...

Great ideas, love the flowers in the ice bucket. Thanks for you post.