let your closet inspire your rooms

I was looking in the mirror the other night at the end of the day and noticed that I loved how the colors of my outfit looked together. Yes, I did pick out the clothes, so I knew I liked them already, but I wasn't really thinking about the color pallet (believe it or not).

I was wearing white shorts and an orange shirt, but had tossed on a grey jacket later and was seeing the colors together for the first time. They looked great and I was inspired by the pallet. I don't currently have any rooms to use that combo in, but I'll file it away!

Being inspired by the colors of the clothes in your closet is an easy way to see new color combos. You may see things you never would have thought of before. Who knows, your next outfit could be a starting point for an entire room's decor. The inspiration for a pillow or for a pop of color you can add to your existing decor. The possibilities are endless.

And, while I have you, mix things up in your wardrobe every once in a while. Instead of reaching for the same parings, try something new...who knows, you may just love the new look and it may create a new room!

Happy decorating.


Carol Ann said...

Would have loved a picture, maybe lay the outfit out on a bed and show us...is the grey a grey green?
If it's my closet it would be black, black and white with lots of animal print...interesting...and somemornings a no brainer!

April Force Pardoe said...

As I wrote this I thought "no picture, that's not good!" The outfit was so basic, but the colors would show well. Good idea. It was a basic light grey.