inspiration in a box

You are really going to think I've lost my mind this time.

I just scanned a tissue box. Yep, put it right on the scanner so I could share its design with you. Aren't I sweet?

Last week, in the midst of a bad cold I ran out to get some tissues with lotion (ah....) and the only boxes at our Rite Aid were these beautifully designed little brown boxes of comfort.

(Puffs plus tissue box, well, one side of the box)

I emptied both boxes and saved one to share with you because I love the design of the box and thought it might inspire you in your home?!

The colors didn't transfer as well as I'd hoped. The actual box has more blue in the flower and in the brown color, but you get the idea. The real point is you can be inspired by anything if you keep your eyes open!

Thank you Puffs! I have one small request of you. Can you please click on 'comment' and tell me what odd thing (or not so odd) has inspired you in your home decor? Just one little note so I know I'm not out here all alone with my tissue box. C'mon, you can do it!


Anonymous said...

I will tell you that your reminders to 'look' sent me to a local garden center to 'look' for Spring Ideas. I have brought in my own small birdbath, filled it with peagravel and paperwhite bulbs, and placed it in the sunny window in my office. They are getting taller and spring is closer!! Thanks for the reminders to look at what you have!!And, I make my bed every day as I like feeling that the bedroomis the one room 'under control' at the end of the day when I get back there!
Jean Riley

Always Pretty in Pink said...

I've fallen in love with the color of different nail polishes before, and tried to recreate that shade. Like just the perfect shade of pink. Not to bright, not too dark or light. Just right. :)

Also, I'm a cake decorator and I get alot of ideas for that from random things. :)

Kathleen Ellis said...

You are definitely not alone! As far as tissue boxes go...I won't even buy them if I can't find one I like...I stock up when I do!
I find inspiration in so many things...dishes, fabrics, jewelry, paper, flowers, packaging....on and on and on it goes...inspiration is everywhere...if we are looking for it!