There's nothing like a fresh coat of paint

We've been in our house for 3 years now. I moved in and immediately wanted to paint every room, but life with 2 small kids and 2 working parents doesn't work that way! So, I, like you, can't do it all at once.

We've painted our main living space and bedrooms and now we're finally moving down to the family room. Poor, neglected family room—it's your turn!

This weekend (and well into next week) we'll be painting this room Sherwin Williams' Ryegrass
and we'll be painting the ceiling either Ryegrass or Shagreen (it's easier for me to make decisions for others than for myself!). Oh, and we're painting the ugly brick on the fireplace—SW's Dover White.

Keep your fingers crossed for an easy painting job and stay tuned, because you know this means great before and after pictures for you!

What are you painting? What have you put off painting? What are you waiting for?


Kathleen Ellis said...

So that's what you're painting...cool! can't wait to see the B&A's!
Is tehre a sentence or a piece of a sentence missing about the ceiling color?
have a wonderful weekend!

kim-free classified website said...

I definitely can't wait your finish product!I would love to repaint mine but like you said, balancing time with kids and work seems to put the matter aside.