fab centerpiece in 4 easy steps! really!

Happy new year! I'm not much of a resolution girl, but I always resolve to add interesting decor to my home and my clients' homes.

I have a favorite copper container that I fill with various decor items throughout the year. It was filled with holiday items in December, but once I put them away I wanted to fill it with more of an every day decor (see finished product in first picture).

I'll take you through the 4 easy steps of creating this great centerpiece.

First step: fill the container with large items (house plants in this case, but could also be vases for fresh flowers or ceramic pieces). Keep it to a few large items.

Second & third steps: Add blue vases and bottles around the plants. This ads height variation and color. Next, fill the container with craft paper to "lift' the bottom of the container up -- this will allow our final layer to be seen (and it allows us to use less filler).

Final step: Add glass beads (clear and blue), smooth rocks and sea shells on top of the paper.

See, that wasn't so bad, was it? What are some of your favorite centerpieces? Send me pictures or leave a comment with your how-tos!

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Kathleen Ellis said...

Fresh and easy! Great job, April!