Fall in LOVE, all over again

Hi everyone! It looks like Salamander was the overwhelming winner in the "what color should I paint my family room?" poll. Eucalyptus Leaf came in second and I'm still not sure what color we'll paint the room, but I will keep you posted.

I'm going to talk about my refrigerator for a bit, I know this may sound odd, but stay with me.

When we bought our first house 8 years ago it had all new appliances. Prior to that wonderful house, we had lived in apartments and didn't really notice or care much about appliances or anything really, because as those of you who have rented know, the feelings you have for a rental are much different than the feelings you have for YOUR house.

Anyway, when we moved in I was so excited to have a new, big, "modern" refrigerator. It's 25.5 cubic feet (bigger than anything I'd had before, but not exactly huge by today's standards), white (this was just about when stainless was the new rage and the man who bought our appliances was, well, not into "new rage") it's a side-by-side and has a water and ice dispenser on the outside, also something I had never owned.

The point is, I was like a kid with a new toy and I felt so grown up and adult. Strange as it may sound, I really liked having a new refrigerator. The odd part about that is that the entire house was new and pretty spectacular, but I remember well the feeling I had about the fridge.

When we moved out of that house we took the fridge with us (long story). And now my then-new fridge is 8 years old, covered in letter magnets, and pictures of kids and their art. It has residue from stickers on it and honestly, compared to the stainless steel models out there now, with TVs and freezers on bottom, etc. it's pretty average.

I don't look at it anymore with that "I love you, you're so great and new" feeling. I just pass it by (often wishing it was stainless steel) and get on about my day.

But, when I stop and think about it I can conjure up that old feeling like it was yesterday! We tend to tire of our old items so quickly now, there's always something newer and better to replace them. Of course, that's not always realistic and even necessary, but I'm sure we all long to update things around the house every now and then.

Today I want to encourage you to find that loving feeling for an older item again—maybe something you used to love, one that gave you that "I can't believe this is mine" feeling. Go back in time to when you appreciated said item. Remember that feeling and fall in love all over again! It's nice to appreciate what we have instead of always wanting the latest and greatest, isn't it?


Anonymous said...


I hear ya' babe!

When we moved into the new house I remember really being excited about the frig (or ice box as I often call it, which will reveal the generation in which my parents grew up). Anyway, I was thrilled, not because it was stainless, our old one had been too. But, because it was BIGGER! The new one is twice as wide and with the freezer on the bottom the frig capacity is great.

One caution before you go out and by that new stainless model -- remember stainless is NOT magnetic so no more pictures and cards and kids’ art!

Take care, Ann

April Force Pardoe said...

By the time we get a new ice box stainless will have come and gone and probably be back again -- w/magnetic abilities! Ha. Actually, I'd prefer a clean fridge, sans art, but that's not very motherly of me?!

Anonymous said...

Funny. I remember moving into this house 12 years ago and, having not previusly noticed, was uber excited when I realized that one of our cabinets in the kitchen had pull out drawers. My best friend was helping me move in and was currently living in a rather cramped apartment. When I said, "Look! Debbie! Look! A Pull out drawer! No wait! Two!" Her reaction was, Man, you are so lucky! Funny how you forget the small pleasures of a new home years later. Thanks for that post. Think I'll go clean my pull out drawers in that cabinet. :)