Painting our family room

Terrapin Green

I'm on to my next painting project, but I need your help! I'm trying to select a color for our family room. Please help me via the poll I've set up on this page.


Blue Danube

The various color choices are shown here. The room has dark brown wood floors, a light tan sectional and borders stairs where you can see some brick red paint.

As you can see, I'm leaning toward a blue or green. What do you think? Even though I help others select paint colors for a living I sometimes need help in my own home! 

Please vote for your favorite color. Now if I could just find someone to help me paint....


Eucalyptus Leaf


Kim said...
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Anonymous said...

I love the salmander color. But you know me, I'm more the muted color tones. So cool how you did that with your room to see all the colors. How did you do it?
Love Laura

Anonymous said...

I'm going with the Salamander. And I really want to know what program you use to get the color on the walls. Of course, knowing you, you painted your room 4 different times and took pictures. :)

By the way, I'm still freaking loving my new office. It needs color but the whole AFP inspired transformation makes me happy every time I walk by the room and makes paying bills a less hateful duty.

I told Dave tonight, "It actually looks like a grown-up room!" And the fact that he actually made my desktop and finished it beautifully helps with the whole marriage/decorating conundrum. :)