As the TV pilot turns, more from behind the camera

I enjoyed another day on the TV set yesterday. I love that this "set" is a house that is under renovation (click here to read about my TV pilot gig) because I get to participate in a transformation and be on film. Very cool.

Yesterday I was filmed working on a top-secret project for the show (don't worry, when the show is wrapped I'll share details). The project was an idea I presented during my final audition. As with many ideas, until you execute it, you never quite know how good it will be! Luckily this one worked out just as I envisioned, which is good because it unfolded on film. I look forward to sharing it with you.

The most challenging part of the day was being filmed talking to the camera (with 5 people watching!) and giving the "audience" a design tip. Lots of smiling, talking slow and a little powder on my face to cut the "shine" and we got the shots! I didn't have a script, so it was a collaborative, wing-it process. Everyone really goes out of their way to make you feel comfortable and do your best.

Finally, I did a voice over (reading from a script without the camera) for them to run over my craft project footage. That was done in the sound booth, also known as the mini van! We needed a quite spot and that was it. Reading like you aren't reading takes some skill, but I pulled it off.

My other job on the show is behind the scenes selection of materials for the bathroom and kitchen renovations. I can't give those details away, but a lot of decisions, including paint colors, were made and this house and show are on their way to a great look!

There are so many people involved in putting this pilot together. The producers, team (contractor, Realtor and host), sound, lighting and camera people are all very professional, funny, kind and interesting. It's been so much fun spending time with them on this project.

Thanks for sharing the experience with me. I'll keep you posted; we're scheduled to wrap-up in mid-August. Happy decorating!

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