A great mix of fabrics & style

I am working with a client in Catonsville, MD to redecorate her family room. She's artistic, has a great eye and has many treasures she wants to better display. This family of 5 wants to make over their family room for optimal chill time.

It's a lovely, light-filled room and is painted a burnt sienna color. They have a red television cabinet that is staying and everything else is being updated.

wall color & tv console
{Client's family room, color & tv cabinet are our starting point}

We began the design with a space plan so we could see what pieces worked best in the room. The focus is on viewing the television.

{Space plan incorporating new and existing furnishings}

Next it was time to shop for a new sofa and chairs to fit the plans and family. Comfort is key, but style is a close second. We found this chair at Shofer's Furniture in Federal Hill.

shofer's chair
{Comfortable, stylish chair suitable for tv viewing and conversation. We'll take 2 please!}

The client also selected a leather sofa with clean lines (I don't have a good picture of that, sorry, you'll have to wait for the "after" pictures to see that!) and a storage ottoman and we then found fabrics to tie all of the pieces together. Check them out!

mixing fabrics
{The bold, modern paisley chair fabric (giving us some great accent colors to work with), the textured ottoman fabric (adding texture and bringing in the gold from the chair fabric) and the leather for the sofa (picking up on the wall color and making the room feel larger)}

fabrics & sofa leg
{Finally, the wood finish for the sofa legs}

Now we have to wait a few months for the furniture to come in, but we'll be hanging art on the walls, shopping for pillows and bringing in window treatments to finalize the room so we'll be all set when the furniture arrives. Stay tuned.

If you are bringing in new furnishings think outside the box - leather doesn't have to be dark brown (not that there's anything wrong with that!), ottomans don't have to match your sofa and you can do a bold fabric -- the key is tying it all together by color pallet and style.

Be bold! Happy decorating!

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