family art - making your rooms happy!

I firmly believe you should surround yourself with things you love —and that includes art. Art doesn't have to be expensive, it just has to make you smile or remember a special time in your life.

If you have kids what could be more special than showcasing their art? They are so proud when they bring home a new piece from school so show it off! Kitchens and family rooms are great locations for hanging kids' art, but you can do it anywhere.

A client, Kelly, recently renovated her kitchen and the final decorating decision was what to do with the big, blank wall in their eating area. She has three kids so I instantly thought that a kids' art gallery would be great for that space.

{Art arranged on the dining room floor for easy arrangement}

First I asked Kelly to collect the pieces she'd like to frame. We arranged them on the dining room floor to see how they could work together.

{This helps us see how the pieces work together}

Then she bought frames for all of the pieces and used kraft paper to map out the wall before hanging the frames. That enabled her to only put nails in the wall where needed!

{Ta da! The completed wall - full of life, color and their cherished art work}

Here's what Kelly had to say about the finished wall. "I’m pleased with how it turned out and am so glad you suggested that I use paper to arrange the pictures prior to hanging. It made rearranging SO much easier and minimized the number of nail holes in the wall!"

{Completed art wall in Kelly's kitchen}

Now THAT's a happy room! What are you doing to make your rooms happy?

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