HEC decorator show house finds!

I've been happily busy shopping for furnishings and accessories for the home office I'm designing in this year's Historic Ellicott City (HEC) decorator's show house, open Sept. 18 - Oct. 17.

I don't want to give everything away, but here's a peek at some of the items I've found...as they are now. Look for them to change and be used in new ways in my room!

My first great "find" is the Simon chair from
Classic Interiors Furniture in Historic Ellicott City. Look at the fabric on the ottoman on their homepage -- it's so fresh and bold! I want to thank Carolyn Gaughan at Classic Interiors for helping me create a custom chair for my room. You'll have to wait to see the chair in the room to see the fabrics we selected. It's a striking piece!

Simon chair b4
{Simon chair as seen on the Classic Interiors Furniture website...
we've changed the fabric for the show house room}

Classic Interiors is also giving me a rug for the room and you will have to wait and see that one live! If you are looking for a wide selection quality of furnishings, rugs and accessories for your home I suggest you take a trip to Main Street in Ellicott City and visit Classic Interiors.

I also took a trip to Lucketts and Leesburg, Virginia this week to pick up a few "one of a kind" items to add a personal touch to my office. Every room deserves a few unique pieces. Here are a few of my finds. Look for them in the room where they will be used in new ways and transformed with paint (so you may have to look hard to notice them!).
A special thanks to Kathleen for being a great shopping buddy!

show house items top b4

show house items b4

And finally, this old cart will make an appearance after a well-deserved face lift!

cart before show house

Curious about how the room will all come together? I hope so! Please mark your calendars and plan to visit between Sept. 18 - Oct. 17. I hope to see you there.

Happy decorating!


StylishHeather said...

I always love seeing makeovers that turn junk into something awesome - can't wait to see what you do with the cart!

April Force Pardoe said...

Thank you, Heather! I love that cart and have been meaning to spruce it up for a while and it's perfect for my show house room, so now is it's time. I'll post many pictures of the finished room so you can see what I did! Thanks for commenting.

B Chic Interiors said...

Hi April! Let me know if you would like help with the show house. I would love to help you in ANY way (install, picking things up, etc). Good luck with this opportunity! I'm sure it is going to turn out amazing!

Kathy Nevin of Handy Ma'ams said...

April, I can't wait to see what you do with the cart. I know it will look great. I look forward to painting with you.

Kathy Nevin 0f Handy Ma'ams said...

April, I'm very excited about the show house. Can't wait to paint with you and see what you do with the cart.

April Force Pardoe said...

The cart is getting a lot of attention...no pressure to make it look great! :)

Violet said...

Hi April, Thank you for stopping by my blog! Your projects look fabulous, what great treasures.
~ Violet

Kathleen Ellis said...

ooohhh...I'm so excited to see this room! I know it is going to be FABulous!

Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comments about Brandie's work!
Have a beautiful week, April!
;-D Kathleen