make your room YOURS

I had a consultation with a new client Wed. and as we discussed a complete overhaul of her living room I saw a beautiful painting sitting on an easel in her family room.

When I asked about it she said her husband painted it (of a boat from a romantic trip they took years ago). The colors were exactly what she wanted in the living room and it was a special piece that meant a lot to them both, yet, it was currently homeless.

When I suggested we build the "new" living room around it she got very excited and said that would be wonderful. It had never occurred to her to build a room around that piece, but it was like a tiny gift just waiting to be showcased.

As a designer I love that they have an inspiration that is personal and makes them smile—that's what makes a room YOURS.

Do you have a treasured piece that sits off in a corner, waiting to shine? Give it the spotlight in your room and you will never go wrong! Personalize, personalize, personalize!

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