design tip - it's all in the shapes

Here's an easy decorating tip for you on this beautiful Spring day (at least it is here in Maryland)!

When accessorizing it's all about the shape of the objects, not the actual objects (although you should love the objects in your home).

When I accessorize a space I look for shapes to fill the space. If you are stuck accessorizing a side table, look at what you already have and see what shape is missing - tall? short? round? thin? Look for an object that is the shape you need to fit the bill and you will have a nice combination. Vary heights and weights and group in odd numbers to get started.

Sometimes we get stuck looking for something specific, like a silver, 4x6 picture frame when a wooden box, the same SHAPE, will do!

geen half wall _ orange
{The table in the back has a tall rectangle shape (with organic shape on top), combined with something organic shaped and "light" and a shorter object. Three shapes, one great arrangement.}

annie selke design
{A tall, large cylinder with an organic shape on top surrounded by three round shapes of various heights. Lovely. This large table needs large scale accessories.}

kravet sparkle table
{Tall rectangle (lamp), with horizontal rectangle (books stacked), topped with another rectangle (picture frame) and surrounded by rounded and organic smaller shapes. The shells could be any other small, ornate objects. The books could be a box, the picture frame could be a clock. You get the idea!}

3 shapes
{Three basic shapes, large oval, shorter circle and medium rectangle. Vary heights so all are visible.}

McBournie's Palm Beach design HB
{On the buffet a large oval with an organic shape on top is balanced out by clear, tall ovals on either side. Two smaller round objects fill the middle.}

3 shapes Nelson
{Rectangle picture frame on top of rectangle books, with round object in front and tall object on the side.}

So, stop running around your house looking for that picture frame and look for a rectangle instead!

Happy decorating!


Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

I'm not so great at accessorizing so these tips were great :). Thanks!

April Force Pardoe said...

Kasey - thanks for stopping by! I enjoyed your blog and will come back often to see what you are up to.