where is your sofa?

Happy February!

I've declared February "pull your sofa off the wall" month (
yes, you can name a month!) because there are so many sofas out there that have been pushed aside, backed against the wall and not allowed to shine in the way they can and should!

blue sofa before
(BEFORE - this furniture arrangement didn't allow the family to maximize the functions of the rectangle-shaped room)

I understand that deciding where to place the furniture in your rooms is hard (that's how I stay in business!), so the easy, predictable position - against the wall - is an obvious first choice.

But you want to be original, not obvious, right? Furniture placement is the most important aspect of your room's design. Really. An ugly sofa in the right spot is better than a beautiful sofa in a terrible position. Placement is king because function is king. Add quality pieces and color and you've got it all (but that's another post)!

Don't get me wrong, there are many rooms where against the wall IS the best position for your sofa, but not every room.

blue sofa after
(AFTER - the new arrangement includes a conversation area, lines the pieces up with the window, the fireplace and now most seats face the television (not shown); the space behind the sofa is now hidden storage!)

I'll celebrate this month by showing you how to arrange your furniture in ways you may not have considered. And the sofa is the first thing you should consider in a living space, so we'll begin there!

I think this is a cupcake-worthy occasion, don't you agree? So grab a cup of coffee or a glass of milk and peel off the wrapper of your favorite cupcake and let's make you and your sofa happy!

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