two more of my 13 favorite holiday decorating items

One of my favorite things about holiday decorating is the sparkle created by the extra lights. I love twinkling lights reflecting off glass, metallic containers or lighting up garland.

Lights and glass containers are the next 2 things on my favorite holiday decorating items list.


My Aunt Frankie (a fabulous artist — see her work here) created this amazing display in her home one year for Christmas. I loved it the minute I saw it and MUST recreate it this year. She was kind enough to send me pictures of her work (she loves to decorate and like me, always takes pictures of her decor; we're geeks like that!).

glass and light display 2 FP

Supplies needed are simple:
  • Glass containers (various sizes and shapes)

  • String lights (you can use white or multi-color, whatever works for you)

  • Candles (I like the monochromatic look of all cream with the white lights, but you could mix it up and use all red candles with multi-color lights)

  • Evergreens (you don't have to use these, you could use fabric underneath or garland)
glass and light display FP

Feel free to make this your own! Find a spot in your home to set up an arrangement and play around with set up and positioning. Add your favorite pieces, turn on the lights and sit back and relax while you enjoy your work! I can almost hear the holiday music in the background....

Happy holiday decorating and stay tuned for the remaining 9 items I love to decorate with for the holidays.

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Kathleen Ellis said...

This is GORGEOUS!!!