my 9th favorite holiday decorating item

We're coming into the home stretch here...with only 4 more favorites left to go! My ninth favorite holiday decorating item is pine cones. Come to think of it, they should be my #1 because I always use them for holiday decor.

pine cones on a shelf
(The large pine cones lined up on the top shelf are just as appealing as the ones
tossed in with the greens at the bottom. Cozy!)

I love pine cones because they add such great texture and shape to any decor. Whether you collect them from your yard or buy them in a craft store, have some on hand to add that something extra to your decor.

pine cone garland
(This homeowner loves pine cones more than I do! I love the urn full of over-sized cones)

I happen to have about 12 super large pine cones from the woods in NC and I bring them out in a different way every year. It's nice to vary the sizes of your pine cones to add visual interest to your decor.

AFP Interiors fireplace display 4
(This is the display I created in our not-yet-working fire place. I used the large pine cones
on the floor and incorporated smaller sizes among the various greens.)

AFP Interiors fireplace close up
(A closer look at the smaller pine cones.)

If the natural color of pine cones doesn't go with your decor, spray paint them to fit your style. White, cream, gold or silver...they still look great.

AFP Interiors buffet display
(On my buffet a few pine cones get comfortable with glass, greens and lights. Easy!)

pine cones at door
(What a welcome canopy of greens and cones.)

pine cone tree
(I made one of these trees once (this isn't it), but it broke when we were talking it
out of the attic one year...it would be nice to have several in different heights.)

Happy decorating (with pine cones)!

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