don't stereotype your funiture!

This is an ad for Thomasville furniture (it's a Darryl Carter chair). Not only is the ad beautiful — the contrast of black and white and the curve of the chair with the type "tucked" into it, but, its message is right on!

How many time do I strongly suggest that you use pieces where they work, where they best suit your needs vs. where they are intended to be used? Wing back chair stuffy? Not always. Mix it up!

wing back chair Thomasville


Sunflower Ranch said...

Good advice!! I am currently using a short bookcase as a bedside table. Holds the essentials in collectible containers, makes the bedside books easy to retrieve, and has nice space on top for flowers and alarm clock. Love your blog!! :D

April Force Pardoe said...

sunflower ranch, thanks for stopping by, leaving a comment and for the compliment.

I love a bookcase by the bed. It's all about what works for you and fits your style.