baby bedding done well

I can't help but notice that crib/baby bedding has come a long way over the past few years. When I was first looking for crib bedding (about 5.5 years ago now!) there were some great, clean designs, but still a lot of bears and pink bows. Every year they get better and better and I find myself wanting to buy the great pieces I'm seeing (but that would be strange).

So, instead, I'll share them here! The colors and patterns available now range from the stereotypical boy and girl themed stuff to sleek, modern, neutral styles.

Parents often want their nursery's design to fit the design of their home versus looking like a baby store spit up in every pink or blue corner. Lucky for them there are countless options available now.

Take a look!

banana fish love bird
(Banana fish, Love bird)

banana fish migi pinwheel
(Banana fish, Migi pinwheel)

landofnod chicks
(Land of Nod, Chicks - I LOVE this soft, sweet pattern!)

landofnod animals
(Land of Nod, Animals)

jcp paisley splash
(JC Penny, Paisley splash)

banana fish bubble gum
(Banana fish, Bubble gum)

trend lab b&w
(Trend Lab, Black & white)

babyearth.com mod dots
(Babyearth.com, Mod dots)

banana fish bailey
(Banana fish, Bailey)

See any you like? A fresh approach to nurseries is great news for expecting parents.

Happy decorating!

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