blue light special

Following my huemor me: blue blog posting I started looking around for all things blue for the home. First up, lamps!

Since adding a color to your room doesn't always mean painting I thought I'd gather a few blue lamps for you to meet. Every room, no matter what color, needs light. These just happen to be bright and beautiful.

Looking to add lamps to one of you rooms? Select a coordinating pair, or select one bold choice and let is shine among other, more neutral choices. No matter what, start with function and make sure you are lighting up all of the spaces in your rooms.

Pier 1, Blue Medallian, $64
(Pier 1, Blue Medallion, $64)

Walmart, Glow Melon lamp, $24
(Walmart, Glow Melon, $24)

Horchow, Oscar, $183
(Horchow, Oscar, $183)

Lamps Plus, blue fleur-de-lis drum lamp shade, $70
(Lamps Plus, Blue Fleur-de-lis drum shade, $70)

Pottery Barn, Stuart Pharmacy, $119
(Pottery Barn, Stuart Pharmacy, $119)

JC Penny, ceramic table lamp, $90
(JC Penny, Ceramic table lamp, $90)

Lamps Plus, Phatt Steel Finish blue shade, $150
(Lamps Plus, Phatt Steel Finish shade, $150)

Pier1, Aqua glass, $45
(Pier 1, Aqua glass, $45)

Crate & Barrel, Lago, $129
(Crate & Barrel, Lago, $129)

Lamps Plus, Biloxi Blues Block lamp shade, $100
(Lamps Plus, Biloxi Blues Block shade, $100)

Happy decorating!


Elaine said...

You made me think of one of my favorite lamps. It's white porcelain with blue bows and my husband surprised me with it when we were first married. That makes it almost an antique – 48 years old. It sits on the bedside table in my office/guest room and sometimes helps send a small guest off to dreamland.

April Force Pardoe said...

A lamp with a history, even better! Thanks for leaving a comment.