have decal, will decorate!

Kids love stickers. They are like gold to them! They put them anywhere and everywhere (at least they do in my house, including all over me) because they make things look pretty. I mean, doesn't a princess sticker make a t-shirt prettier?

Good news for us. There are tons of great "stickers" out there for adults — for our homes. Have you seen wall decals in the stores? On your friends walls? In design magazines and catalogs? I love them for their versatility and they provide an instant update.

decals on stool
(from InStyle magazine May 2009 issue. Butterfly decals, from $5 to $15; carstickers.com)

The good news is that they aren't just for walls. This plain white stool (Large astronomer's stool, $105, qcollectionjunior.com) is now a work of art when covered with decals. Some decals are intended to be permanent and others are removable, so know what you want before you buy and apply.

The key is to think outside the box. Car decals on a stool? Pretty cool!

Interested in checking out some decals? Try these sources (they are all a little different, so find one that fits your style).


Also look around in most stores with a home section. Target, Walmart, Sherwin-Williams and Pottery Barn also sell wall decals in their stores or online.

Have fun playing with your stickers and share your projects with me by clicking on "comment" below. Do you have a favorite decal source? Let me know!

happy decorating!


Anonymous said...

We decorated the plain white walls in my daughter's bedroom with pink and purple polka dots in a variety of sizes. Instant cute! Whatever magic they use allows us to pull them off with no adhesive residue if we want to reposition one or when we get tired of them and decide to remove them all.

Kathleen Ellis said...

What a fun idea! This stool looks fabulous and very high end!
Where is the princess sticker?! ;-D

April Force Pardoe said...

Polka dots are great in a girl's room! I bet she loves it. Thanks for stopping by.

April Force Pardoe said...

@ Kathleen - they are on my shirt and pants!

Anonymous said...

i just got some spiral designs from a site called http://www.wallsplots.com and put them on my car. wasnt sure how they would work, but it turned out great! thank outside the box!